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A classical guitar is a delicate instrument and needs to be cared for diligently. It should be shielded from drastic changes in temperature and humidity whenever possible. In particularly dry climates special attention should be given to your guitars humidification. Low humidity can cause cracks and deformation of your guitar. Temperature is also very important. Very cold temperatures will bring very low humidity while very high temperatures can cause your guitars finish to melt and stick to the inside of your case as well as release the glues that hold it together. We will consider environment when judging a warranty claim because a poorly maintained guitar can be destroyed irrespective of its construction. So please, take care of your guitars. 

A few tips to maintain your guitar are

  • Store it in a case or on a stable stand when not in use.

  • Wipe it with a micro-fiber polish cloth. (Included with purchase)

  • Use the Oasis Guitar Humidifier for humidity below 35%. (Included with purchase)

  • Use your home dehumidifier or air conditioner to avoid high humidity

  • Keep your guitar in a consistent environment.

  • Never leave your guitar in the hot car or in the direct sun.

  • Consider the effect of the buttons on your shirt, your playing style, and your jewelry when playing your guitar. Is anything consistently rubbing or scratching at the guitar finish?

Follow the basic care instructions but don’t fret too much about your instrument. A well-loved guitar will develop a little character here and there.

Please follow these links to more in depth information about guitar care and maintenance.

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